Friday, October 11, 2013

Salmon Family

So, you've learned about me, who is this family I speak of?

My husband - 6 years my senior, blue eyes, works in tech, makes me laugh, we met at a pool party 10 years ago!  

My children -
Bubba - He's 5 and just started kindergarten at our local public school.  He has brown hair, brown eyes and is so sweet and helpful.  He's affectionate (gets that from Daddy more than me!), and thoughtful.
Blondie - He's 3 and in his first year at our local city-run preschool nearby.  He's our blondie and everybody says he looks like a little surfer guy.  But with the big brown eyes.  I think he's turning into our little introvert, which I love and he's cuddly and so darn cute and funny!  He loves puzzles.
Supergirl - Our beautiful girl who is just over 1.  She's walking, she loves being outside, she can now say cheese and has six teeth.  The apple of our eye and definitely going to be keeping up with her brothers.  She's busy!
Babygirl - Our surprise baby due in January.  We know she's a girl and cannot wait to meet our beautiful baby.

Our dog - What can I say.  He's 7 years old, he's black and tan and thinks he's a cat.  No really, he will curl up right in your lap even though he weighs almost 25 lbs.  He looks like a small Doberman or a large Miniature Pinscher, but we don't know what he is officially.  Besides a loud barker when somebody rings the doorbell.

I love my family.  They are the best part of my life, by far.  I cannot believe I have 3 kids (soon to be 4!), a dog, a house, and a husband.  Life is surreal.

I haven't yet decided if I want to share photos of them.  Face recognition software is getting pretty crazy these days.  Not to be paranoid.  So in the meantime, we will go without family photos.

That's us.  I hope you stick around to hear more about our salmon life.

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