Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Toys These Days!

Ok, so my mother-in-law kindly brought by two toys for the boys today.  They're these remote controlled flying figures, that attach to the controller with a cord.  The boys loved them immediately.  15 minutes into playing, Blondie's flying astronaut breaks.  Really?  15 minutes?  This is the best they could do?  He wasn't beating it on the ground or stomping on it.  It should have lasted longer.  Say, a year or two.  Would that be too much to ask?

This isn't the first time a toy has broken unexpectedly.  My parents gave the boys a beginner set of Motorola walkie talkies for Christmas.  They thought they'd have fun with them.  They did.  Until one went haywire. It kept scanning channels and if you know about walkie talkies, that means it basically doesn't work.  Even the guy at Radio Shack couldn't fix it when I took it in.  I think my parents spent about $30 on those.  They lasted maybe a couple weeks.  My children aren't overly rough on our toys and things.  That's all we get?

It's disappointing.  I know many other people experience this with toys that their children have.  I feel like you either have to buy a very expensive version of the toy, or don't even bother because anything middle of the road or inexpensive won't last.  Period.  I am pretty certain people would happily spend 20-30% more to have toys (or really anything) last.  Quality IS worth it.  Why don't manufacturers pay attention and make some changes?  I'm so tired of disposable everything.  It's a waste of money and resources.  And is just wasteful period.  And my poor little guy wouldn't have a broken toy after 15 minutes.  Boo.

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